The “ABS Way” is “Your Way”

Your process will be our pattern. Your process, our people.


We aim to be a one-stop consultancy shop to to some of the world’s best high-growth companies.

To offer no-frills services that will help these companies grow more.

Mission and Social Responsibility

The “ABS Way” is “Your Way”. Your process, our people.

Since our production centers are located in emerging countries and economies, ABS will have a direct impact in the lives of those that work in our partner facilities. This will have a “multiplier effect” not just for their families but for the community as well. We also foster to build not just a “company” but a “family” that cares for the community.

Meet Our Team

Von Ryan Nagasangan

Von Ryan Nagasangan



Von Nagasangan is a licensed Mechanical Engineer.

He has worked as an engineer in Japan before becoming an entrepreneur.

Joy Nagasangan

Joy Nagasangan


Joy has a degree in Computer Science.

With more than 15 years experience in the BPO Industry, Joy is what you would call an industry veteran.

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